Wednesday, May 25, 2011

2 more chairs

2 more chairs, originally uploaded by agpolaris.

In some sort of parallel universe I play with birds and cats and sometimes knit peacefully.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

apples and oranges

apples and oranges, originally uploaded by agpolaris.

I was trying to be clever here - apples and oranges and ... wait for it - dog and cat, wait, wait - white and black! I had this idea for a while now - to do a series based on food phrases - "meat and potatoes", "wake up and smell the coffee", "forbidden fruit", "go bananas", etc. maybe i will also brunch out into animal phrases :) "hot dog", anyone?

riding a white bunny in the winter

Another painting on brown paper. First I painted it with a watered down acrylic paint - it became very wavy, had to iron it after it was dry. For the drawing/painting i used acrylic paints - face, hair, dress, butterflies; white marker, black prismacolor marker. I love using white marker on dark paper, there is something magical in how the shape emerges from the background, the reverse of it - putting dark background around the light shape does not feel the same. i wonder why.

Playing around

blue, brown, and orange, originally uploaded by agpolaris.
Experimenting some more - with brown paper. It is a construction paper from home depot, I think it is usually used as floor covering when walls are being painted. It absorbs paint very quickly, everything is dry in seconds.
As for the subject - I always liked nests and eggs - especially eggs I have many sketches with eggs and chickens in it, should do something with them soon.