Sunday, October 20, 2013

2014 Calendar

This is my 3rd year of making calendar with my artwork.  First one had artwork I did during the year, the next year I did Russia! calendar- all about strereotypes of russia and russian people that I have encountered during my years in the US. This year I wanted my calendar to incorporate poetry, so I came up with a little group of fiends and their life through the year. Each month has an illustration with some or all of the characters and a quote from a famous person :) Some of the quotes are from poems and some are just things various things they wrote.

Each month has an illustration about that month and a quote about that month or a season. Here is december with a quote by Robert Frost.

And in February I have a picture of an orange cat and magical grey creature with a backpack and a quote by Camus.

May has a quote from Mark Twain about the spring fever. That is how I feel every May.

Summer - hot and lazy (ideally)


My favorite season

The last month of the year - December. June is right around the corner :)

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