Thursday, November 28, 2013

Tiny wooden tags 2013

Every year for the past 3 years I make small wooden tags for the under $100 show in Sweet Mabel. This year I did not have much time for this project as we are moving. So what you see is the result of a couple of sleepless nights.I was spraying them with polyurethane at 5 a.m. on the day I had to submit them, I woke up almost everyone in the house with chemical smell and noise. 

 Always some Little Red Riding Hood - like character finds her way into my artwork. And cats, I like cats, they seem very smart and aloof. 
 Couple of mature folks in jaunty hats (expression borrowed from Maira Kalman).
 A guy with a cool white beard and squirrel on his head. Because, why not? When I was little we went to the town of Druskininkai in Lithuania and there, in some park I fed squirrels nuts while a local photographer took my picture. I guess it was a type of a business that photographers ran there, I wonder who trained the squirrels. All the squirrels were named Tanya, at least they responded to that name. 
 Owl, this time in a black shawl
 Small child in a hat and sailor shirt. Cat looking at some flowers made from triangles.
 I like clever things, foxes are clever and they possibly drink cappuccinos when we are not looking.
 View from above - little girl, cat, dog in a scarf.
 Cat and some creature with antlers, I like how those antlers frame cat's face. 
 Fox again, now he is drinking coffee.
 Woman in a beautiful robe and her feet on the tiled floor (view from above)
 girl in a cool red hat
all the cool little wood tags are from viking woodcrafts