Sunday, February 6, 2011

what is this?

I think it is interesting to see the progression from the inspiration/idea to the final artwork. Every artist has their own way to get inspired and it is fascinating to see how others do it, and maybe try doing it yourself. Ok, here is one of my progressions. I like to look at thumbnails on flickr - very often you can't see all the details and very often see something different from actual artwork. In this case I looked at the thumbnail of this beautiful photograph and it seemed to me that it was a deer with pink ruffles around its neck.  here is my quick idea sketch:

I added legs and armchair later, at first it was just deer on the wall with ruffle collar.
because I had armchair someone had to sit in it now. So here they are - lion, fox, and deer.

I am not sure why lion and fox, they kind of just showed up :) 

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