Wednesday, March 2, 2011

scrapbooking exercise

The inspiration came from here (it is in russian but the pictures are pretty self-explanatory). In this post illustrator and designer  Natalie Ratkovski talks about exercising your skills and imagination by taking a random image - ink stains, shadows, fragments of photographs and completing them in some new, unexpected way which has nothing in common with the original image. It seemed like an interesting way of doing things, very different from how I approach things.  Usually the idea comes first and then the image reflects it. In this exercise the image is primary, the idea and final image is based on it. Here is what I got:

In the last image I did not take a picture of "before", it has 2 photo fragments - large black part in the quilt and part of the pillow above the boy's head.
This is pretty interesting exercise and I learned something about myself. I have a problem with relinquishing control :) I look at these drawings and see - I did everything to hide every last shred of those original images. Next I have to try ink stains.

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